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Dymatize Dymatize BCAA 5050 Post Workout & Recovery Amino Acids 300 grams Sport Supplements

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Description of Dymatize BCAA 5050 Post Workout & Recovery Amino Acids

Dymatize BCAA 5050 300 grams / 88 servings

  • Supports protein synthesis and lean muscle growth
  • Decrease muscle breakdown
  • Improves energy production
  • Helps maintain proper immune functions
  • Stimulates fat metabolism and fat loss
  • Improves mood and mental performance

Dymatize BCAA Complex 5050 is a maximum strength formula designed to provide a 5,050 mg complex of the pure free form amino acids L-Valine, L-Leuceine and L-Isoleucine in every serving. These three protein-sparing amino acids are known as the branched chain. The Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA's) got their name because of their unique branched chemical structure. All Branched Chain Amino Acids are essential amino acids, defined as, the body cannot make them from other compounds, they must be consumed in the diet. It is a well known fact that amino acids are responsible for protein synthesis, hence the nickname "building blocks." In recent times, these BCAA's have been investigated for their potential anitcatabolic (preventing muscle breakdown) and anabolic (muscle building) effects.* Investigative studies have suggested BCAA's are an important component for effective muscle growth, muscle energy and recuperation.*

Nutrition facts of Dymatize BCAA 5050 Post Workout & Recovery Amino Acids

Directions of Dymatize BCAA 5050 Post Workout & Recovery Amino Acids


Take 1 rounded teaspoon of BCAA Complex 5050 at 45 to 60 minutes before training and 1 rounded teaspoon 15 to 30 minutes after training.     


To get optimal benefits from branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) they should be taken before working out or after a workout to feed and repair muscles.

AFTER WORKOUTS: Getting BCAAs immediately after your training is crucial for preserving and building muscle. After workouts the muscles are especially receptive to nutrients and also blood flow to the exercised muscles still remains high.

BEFORE WORKOUTS:BCAAs have a positive effect on reducing fatigue during workouts and help in maintaining plasma levels of BCAAs in the body. As exercise breaks down muscle tissue, so supplying the BCAAs before exercise constantly provides the most important muscle bulidng and performance echancing amino acids that can instantly reapeir msucle cells, improve recovery, and lean muscle growth.

In addition, if you’re really concerned with losing muscle, BCAAs can be taken in between meals to help fight off catabolism and imrpove anabolic processes between meals. Try taking one or two servings in between meals to assist in maximizing your mass potential.


Consult your physician before using this product. Women during pregnancy and breastfeeding consult with your doctor about the possibility of product usage. If you are under medical supervision for any reason, consult your doctor before starting to use the product. Reduce or discontinue use if signs of nervousness, tremor, drowsiness, loss of appetite or nausea. Not intended for persons under age 18. Keep out of reach of children. Before using this or any other dietary supplement, as well as before you start training program, consult your physician or other expert. Do not exceed recommended dose. During use of the product consume enough water. Keep out of reach of children. Do not use supplements as a complete replacement for a balanced diet!

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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