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Founded in 2009, BPI has become the fastest growing and hottest Sports Nutrition Company in the entire country. Thanks to kick ass formulations, a ground swell of never ending buzz, and a sampling program second to none, we have made it clear that we are here to stay . Add to that the finest distributor partnerships both domestic and abroad. By focusing our unique set of resources on product development, brand awareness, and consumer support we have carved out a reputation as the brand that everyone looks to for results – even our competitors. BPI SPORTS is the "Ultra Concentrated Extra Strength Brand". What started as three people in a 1,000 sq/ft office has grown into a distribution hub of nearly 50,000 sq/ft equipped with a full gym, and research lab. For those of you who think that you know what's next, "You ain't seen nothing yet". In the coming year, we will be busting down your doors, and your gyms with the most hard edged sports nutrition line that will continue to redefine the way you train, and the way you look.

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