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Our Sport Definition® team is a group of young, ambitious and creative people for whom sport has always been a passion. Each of us practices various sports disciplines in his spare time. We all know what fatigue, muscle sores or simply lack of will to train mean. We are aware of the importance of proper nutritional support in training. We show our vision of sport and sports nutritional supplements in Sport Definition® brand. We use the latest achievements of science and technology in our work. Thanks to these, our products are perfectly balanced in terms of nutritional value. Every product has the necessary certificates and approvals. According to that, we can be sure that the product we deliver is of the highest quality. Sport Definition® is not only about a strength sport. If you practice any kind of circuit or effort sports discipline, you should protect your body by using supplements that complement your diet by supplying the right micro- and macronutrients. We think about that in our Sport Definition® brand. That is why, we are developing products for different uses to give you the possibility to match your supplement to the training and the discipline you are currently practicing.

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