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Vitalmax is involved in the production, implementation and distribution of a new generation of sports nutrition. When creating new products, we use the latest technologies used in the largest laboratories. Our products are based on the best components that we import from around the world. All of this means that our supplements have found their place in several European countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, France, Germany, Spain, Great Britain), where they are used by both amateur physical recreation professionals and professionals . We have been present on the market since 2003. At the beginning of our activity we started with several products. Now, in terms of the dynamics of development, we are in the forefront, e.g. as one of the first companies in the world we have purchased a production line for the production of Mega Capsules and also as one of the few, we offer our nutrients, divided into portions, in the form of sachets, in the most hygienic and convenient forms for use.

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