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Imagine that through a mysterious gate you enter a garden where plants used for health for hundreds of years by monks, druids and sages from the far corners of Asia bloom. This is the place where your body can finally achieve harmony. This garden is our brand "ESSENCE" a gateway to improving the condition of the body and harmonious development in accordance with your nature. You can fully draw on the achievements of generations that have naturally supported your body, and at the same time, thanks to the latest research and laboratory tests, you can be sure that you are doing it safely. Open up to natural health-promoting products that will successfully affect your concentration and arousal during the day, and help you fall into a healthy sleep in the evening. "ESSENCE" dietary supplements are vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, slimming pills, memory, concentration and joint preparations. They can be successfully used by women who are looking for, among others, slimming preparations, vitamins for nails, or supplements for concentration. And by men who use, for example, vitamins for athletes, memory supplements, or products aimed at the regeneration of joints. And many more qualitive health and beauty products...
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