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Founded in 2006 by former professional American Football player Brad Pyatt, MusclePharm has quickly grown into one of the leading performance nutrition companies. Its advanced formulations are designed with the highest quality and most effective ingredients, and are certified as being free of all banned substances. Whether the objective is to build lean muscle mass, reduce body fat, boost speed, power or endurance, professional and amateur athletes alike trust MusclePharm to help them reach their goals. MusclePharm’s unprecedented quality, and stringent standards for effectiveness has earned it fourteen separate Supplement Awards in the last four years alone (2014). It is no wonder that, when Arnold Schwarzenegger was looking for a partner to launch his own supplement brand, he chose MusclePharm over all the other supplement companies. It is a testament to the focus and dedication of the MusclePharm team to being the best, and creating the best products. When you are ready to be your best, get with the brand serious athletes choose. Get with MusclePharm.

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