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A few years ago, when we decided to start a project called Salvum, we set one goal in mind - to create a company that will provide our customers with modern and effective products.Products that we are absolutely sure they meet the highest quality standards. The products that we launch on the market are made using carefully selected ingredients obtained from the most trusted sources. They are characterized primarily by high purity and appropriate standardization, which guarantees their high efficiency.We also try to make as many ingredients as possible compatible with the European Pharmacopoeia. We have remained faithful today. In the interests of our consumers, we manufacture our products in conditions far exceeding the requirements provided for this category (dietary supplements), ie according to GMP standards.This allows you to obtain a product that is completely safe, produced in conditions identical to those of medicinal products.We also put a lot of effort into making our products as friendly and functional as possible for the patient. Therefore, we try to make the largest possible number of them in the form of an easy-to-swallow soft capsule.


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